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Posted on May 6, 2019

In today’s business climate, there is an increasing need for businesses to have speedy, cost effective, and secure operations. To deliver on this need, modern businesses are using state-of-the-art technology to automate and streamline their operations.

Your mailroom might not jump to mind when you think of modern technology, but it’s actually a huge opportunity.Businesswoman sorting mail

Update your mailroom by taking advantage of electronic document management to create a digital mailroom. 

4 benefits of using electronic document management to digitize your mailroom

  • reduced operational costs
  • better customer service
  • increased security and compliance
  • improved data accessibility

Reduced operational costs

Converting your outgoing correspondence to an electronic format saves on paper and ink, but that’s just the start. You will also discover savings in the amount of staff time required to operate your mailroom and the space needed for mailroom activities and document storage.

Better customer service

Immediate digital routing of incoming mail to the correct department or individual means customer issues and requests can be dealt with faster. In addition to delivery location, you can sort mail by subject matter, level of importance, and more.

Increased security and compliance

In a digital mailroom, an audit trail is immediately created and every item is tracked and accessible. This means the efficient capture of regulated or sensitive mail for better compliance and security. Lost documents can also become a thing of the past.

Improved data accessibility

Electronic sorting, filing, and tracking from the point of entry makes information easier to find and report on within your organization. This enables teams to do their jobs for effectively and promotes better interdepartmental collaboration. 

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Updating your technology is an investment in your business you can’t afford to ignore. Digital solutions like EDM lead to improved operations and customer relations, which in turn leads to greater success and stronger revenue.

A mentality of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is simply leaving money on the table. Money your competitors will be happy to pick up.

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