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Posted on November 9, 2012

A very wise man once told me that it was not necessarily how much money you brought in, but more about what is going out. Certainly, in these times, individuals and companies need to watch every penny. Pennies count!

Photizo group, the broadest, most comprehensive line of market intelligence and consulting services in the industry to date, defines optimization as “deploying devices in a manner that is most effective both in terms of asset utilization and user satisfaction/productivity.” This is what PrintSmart is about. Something interesting that separates us from the rest of the pack is the customization that we can bring to the table. Most, if not all, MPS programs out there apply their logic and program goals to a very vast and diverse world. This is exactly where PrintSmart differs. We are a locally owned business that answers to no corporate or manufacturers’ mandates. Our boss is our client. Period.

Print Management Clearwater, FL

Our PrintSmart has done many analysis of print and copy fleets to loudly proclaim – Pennies add up! It is not unusual for us to save companies thousands and thousands on print output. Our typical client saves anywhere from 15 up to 30% over current cost. Our in-depth analysis uncovers visible and hidden. There is absolutely no made up or assumed data.

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