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Posted on August 31, 2013

“WHAT???” You ask, “We can do that?” For several years now, the cloud has been the end point goal for almost everything in technology. The ability to print from your handheld device, or take a paper document and make it into something you can edit, has been something desired by business people on-the-go for a while now. And, WCC Business Solutions is proud to say, “The Future is NOW!”

The recent introduction of the new Ricoh I.C.E., or Integrated Cloud Environment, is giving the mobile work force the ability to take their document challenges to the next level. Imagine being able to take a paper document, or spreadsheet and turn it in to a Word, or Excel compatible document, or even make it a searchable PDF*.

 The Ricoh ICE has the power to do just that. Standing in front of a ICE enabled Multifunction Copier, you scan your document to one of your favorite cloud services** and when it is processed through the ICE service it is immediately converted to a Word or Excel compatible document or a searchable PDF. How handy is that?

Now we said “you can print from your handheld device.” You gasped. Well, it is now possible.  Print Cloud allows you to print anywhere using your PC or mobile device by obtaining a document release code. This follow me-style printing lets you retrieve your documents from any Print Cloud enabled MFP, without installing printer drivers or having to specify the printer from which you want to print.

Let us here at WCC Business Solutions give you a demo of just how this new technology works!  Give us a call to schedule an appointment and see for yourself.

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*A searchable PDF gives you the ability to look for keywords in your document from your PDF reading application.

**Current Supported Cloud services include: Box, Concur, Evernote®, Egnyte, SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Google DriveTM, DropBox, YouSendIt, NetDocuments, Salesforce, NetSuite, DocumentMall, and our strategic partner DataTech’s MyDrive.