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A Better Way to Print

Whether you’re looking to cut costs or increase productivity, your business needs a managed print solution that works for you. WCC Business Solutions has helped companies find a better way to print in a wide range of industries throughout the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area.

PrintSmart Managed Print Services Clearwater, FlOur PrintSmart Program Can Help Your Business:

  • Reduce costs
  • Optimize efficiency
  • Increase security
  • Increase productivity
  • Alleviate IT workload
  • Reduce environmental impact

Achieve all this and more when you trust your print fleet to WCC Business Solutions.

What is PrintSmart Managed Print Service (MPS?)

PrintSmart is a Managed Print Solution designed to improve your efficiency while also reducing your burden. WCC Business Solutions takes primary responsibility for meeting your office printing and imaging needs by providing the equipment, the supplies, the service, and the overall management.

Designed to improve efficiency and drive down costs, WCC Business Solutions’s PrintSmart MPS has been developed to incorporate a number of business benefits:

  • Centralized, Fixed Cost
  • Standardized Equipment
  • Automatic Service Provision
  • Expert End-to-End Management
  • Controlled Printing Output
  • Automatic Consumable Replenishment
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreements
  • Reliable Service and Equipment

What PrintSmart will do for your business:

Reduce and help control costs

WCC Business Solutions has fully analyzed what printing and copying costs businesses, and we’ve developed packages to reduce spend in the most costly areas:

  • Hardware – Our PrintSmart packages include all the hardware necessary to meet your printing needs.
  • Consumables – When we manage your toner cartridges, we reduce waste and save you money by ensuring only the correct and necessary supplies are ordered.
  • Human resources – We take care of your fleet leaving your staff free to handle core business issues.

By analyzing your individual output volumes and devices, we can provide accurate, relevant recommendations to deliver guaranteed savings.

Enable budget simplification

By combining all your print, copying, and imaging equipment into one monthly cost, WCC Business Solutions delivers one regular, predictable bill, centralizing costs, and making budgeting much more manageable

Improve efficiency

Working with a tenured single provider enables you to optimize your supply chain and minimize wastage. It also gives us a better understanding of your requirements and wider business objectives. WCC Business Solutions not only offers you the most suitable product range, but we also provide free training on all equipment. This enables us to demonstrate how to get the most from your equipment, boosting both savings and performance.

Increase user satisfaction

Our PrintSmart program provides consistently reliable service, maximizing up time and ensuring equipment is available whenever you need it. We help resolve any problems before they impact your business, giving you improved fleet performance and increased employee satisfaction.

Boost workforce effectiveness

Reliable service means your staff will always have access to print devices, enabling them to fulfill their roles uninterrupted. By removing the extra burden of machine maintenance, your staff can carry out their core functions more efficiently.

Enhance security

We have the capability to deliver systems which facilitate secure, password-protected printing and copying, protecting valuable information and supporting regulatory compliance in all areas.

Improve environmental impact

PrintSmart MPS can help improve environmental sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint, energy consumption, and waste.

PrintSmart makes your transition to MPS as painless as possible with our ten-point plan.

  1. Deploy data collection software. Your dedicated MPS expert will install unobtrusive data collection software onto your servers. This will compile information on your print and copy volumes on all imaging devices.
  2. Physical site survey. WCC Business Solutions will visit your premises to identify your print machines, gather print related data, and create a device map. This helps when planning proposed solutions.
  3. Retrieve Data. All the information will be collated ready for analysis by our MPS team.
  4. Analyze the facts. The data will undergo in-depth analysis and scrutiny. It will be examined in line with our database of the industry costs to uncover the true cost to your business.
  5. Make recommendations. WCC Business Solutions will submit a comprehensive proposal for improvements, highlighting where we can save you money and improve your system.
  6. Identify customer benefits. Your Account Manager will visit you to explain the rationale and benefits of the proposed solution.
  7. Plan next steps. Once you have agreed on your PrintSmart package, together we agree on an implementation plan. Installation and training dates will be confirmed and a review date will be scheduled.
  8. Implementation. WCC Business Solutions will implement the agreed changes with minimal disruption to your business. We ensure that none of your staff are left without access to a print machine and will maintain business continuity throughout the transition
  9. Manage. All PrintSmart clients have access to a dedicated Account Manager who will answer any questions or address any issues you might have prior to installation and for the duration of the contract.
  10. Continuous Improvement and Proactive Account Management. Regular review is paramount to our PrintSmart program. WCC Business Solutions is dedicated to innovation and improvement and will work with you to scale a solution to accommodate your changing business needs.

Managed Print Services (MPS) Myths

“Desktop printers are so much cheaper than large printers and MFPs. There can’t be any room for savings…”
This is where a lot of businesses are confused. Many are correct in assuming that the one-off purchase price of a desktop printer is cheaper than that of an MFP, but the ongoing consumables, maintenance and operating of the desktop machines is far more costly.

“MPS is just like my break-fix agreement with a few added extras…”
There are companies operating who will sell their break-fix contracts as a Managed Print Service, but this is not what WCC Business Solutions defines as MPS.

With WCC Business Solutions, your MPS is exactly what you want it to be. We can take on the responsibility of all your print fleet management, or we can simply monitor your consumable levels, and maintenance checks.

“MPS is fine for now, but as soon as things change I’m back to square one. This is just a short term solution”
A good MPS provider will be on hand to review your solution regularly. Through regular monitoring and account management, WCC Business Solutions can scale and redesign your fleet structure to fit your business.

Our service flexibility isn’t restricted to reactive monitoring. If you foresee changes in your business, such as restructuring or downsizing, we work with you to establish a solution to suit your changing circumstances. WCC Business Solutions is takes a proactive approach and works with you to deliver the best solution.

“MPS is risky to outsource and I feel more secure leaving it in the hands of our IT department.”
There is very little risk involved when compared with your current, decentralized print management structure. Should things go wrong with your machines or drivers, it’s far better to call in a print professional who knows exactly where the problem is.

Company IT departments are often very busy and would prefer not to be burdened with extra responsibility outside of their expertise. It is far more secure to transfer all responsibility to an MPS provider who is an expert in dealing with all aspects of the print process.

“This is just another thing for me to manage and take care of. I do not want all the extra responsibility”
PrintSmart is exactly the opposite. By partnering with our team of experts, the responsibility is taken out of your hands. One monthly bill will outline ALL costs incurred by EVERY machine. This not only reduces the management burden on you but reduces the workload of your administration and accounting teams who currently process a variety of invoices every month. It also means you never have to worry about servicing, repairing or replenishing your machines again. We take care of everything!

“PrintSmart sounds like a standard, one-size-fits-all solution”
Each PrintSmart solution is unique to you and your requirements. While some features are common across our customers, you can select which features you want to include, and we tailor a specific solution just for you.

If you have more questions about PrintSmart or are ready to get started, contact us today.