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A More Responsible Business

Recycle Smart, Copier Recycling Clearwater, FlOur Recycle Smart program helps you eliminate the accumulating waste of toner cartridges, fuser assemblies, ink cartridges, and even cell phones. We believe we all can have a significant positive impact on the environment and do our part to keep the Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater, FL area beautiful. Through our unique toner, ink, and cell phone recycling program, your business will become more environmentally responsible while also saving time and money.

Why Recycle?

  • It’s absolutely free. There is zero cost to you and no handling required!
  • Reduce waste in the office without creating extra work for your team.
  • Get a value-add program and provide an environmental service to your company and your customers.  

When you sign up for our free Recycle Smart program, we supply you with the boxes and shipping labels to make recycling easy and smart. Contact us today to get started.