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Based on your machine, we may be able to automate meter readings so that you’ll never need to manually report readings, request toner or call for service. Call us to learn more about our @Remote or FM-Audit programs.

Where to find your Equipment ID

You can find your Equipment ID on the chrome or red and blue sticker located on the front of your copier.

Where to find your Copier ID Number   Find your Copier ID Number

Instructions to get your Meter Reading

To get an accurate meter reading, please follow the steps outline in this PDF.

  • To submit a meter reading, please fill out the form below:

    Complete the form accurately to submit a meter reading. For additional machines, please submit a new form.

  • Your Machine(s) may have some or all the below counts that need to be submitted

    Machine #1

  • Machine #2

  • Machine #3