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Posted on July 12, 2013

When it comes to operating a company, whether you manufacture, sell, service, or even babysit, you usually rely on technology to make your business happen.  Sometimes, it seems that rather than concentrate on your core business, you have to carve out time to take care of your technology needs.  But, what is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with respect to your I.T. needs?

Technology can be a major expense for any company, and without the right knowledge, and considerations when making I.T. decisions, you may find yourself pouring out more money than you budgeted, or planned to.  The most frugal technology spenders can be upwards of 10% of their annual revenue.  Whether you attempt to manage your own I.T. or employ your own department, without a working knowledge and vast resources, you can find the bucket required for I.T. to have no bottom.

So, when you consider all that is required , when it comes to maintaining technology, how do you make sound decisions if technology is not your core business?  Especially if your company is growing! Get a partner!

That’s where we can help.  WCC Business Solutions can be your Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer).  We evaluate your business technology needs and then work with you to reduce your TCO.  If you want us to augment your current I.T. resources, or take over the responsibility so that you can finally focus on your core business, we have the scalability to provide the level of service you need.

Imagine that you have 99% uptime on your computers, and are never bothered by the worry of viruses, malware or data security.  Your computers are maintained at the optimum operating level.  24×7 monitoring, and also 24×7 help is available to you.  Adding employees and need a new computer?  Simply say the word, and go back to what you’re doing, with the piece of mind that all will be taken care of.  Is your company business software and data growing, and you need to expand your capabilities?  We have a 10,000 square foot data center that can provide you with the resources to grow as big and as fast as you wish.

Take a minute to look at WCC Business Solutions’ TechSMART program.  We think you’ll see that adding us to your arsenal of business resources with lower your overall technology TCO.