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Posted on February 20, 2012

So, what is the state of the current paper industry? Well, apparently it is alive and well. Here is the breakdown:

With the initial advent of the internet and commonplace email, printing skyrocketed. It was all dutifully printed and stored in a filing cabinet. Even into the 21st century the demand for printers and MFPs remains strong. This means paper usage should have remained high.There are other factors that did bring general paper usage down. One is email. With banks statements and e-billing on the rise, paper usage in that sector went down tremendously. Another sector is advertising. More companies turned to the internet for advertising due to the decrease in printed media such as newspapers and magazines.


Now, the internet is not the only factor reducing a hard copy. Electronic storage and digital memory have become more robust with decreased pricing. Files can now be stored on hard drives with what seems like endless memory. People are increasingly becoming familiar with digital media. The people in know know value the ease at which files can not only be stored, but sorted, introduced into workflows, assembled distributed, retention policies set automatically, security and much more.

More recently with the climbing popularity of GPS devices and tablet PCs, paper usage is also decreasing. And the trend is not going away anytime soon.

If your company is still relying on paper files, now is the best time to look for alternatives. WCC Business Solutions is ready to talk to you. We now employ a whole “solutions” department. Our current process is a fee free analysis of your paper usage and internal workflow. We cover Administrative, HR, accounting, ordering, invoicing, order fulfillment and many other areas of all types of companies. If you are still pushing paper through your company, be prepared to get lost to your competition. There is a difference.

Here are some advantages of an electronic document management solution (tangible and Intangible):

Electronic Storage – You can now back all your files up offsite. Get them out of the filing cabinet and into the digital realm.

Robust Retrieval – Perform an instant search for a specific document or a set of documents based on common criteria

Secure Document Distribution – You can control who gets to do what with each type of document

Security – You can now determine who gets to see what type of document. Not only that, you determine how long it is accessable and what exactly can be done with it.

Disaster Recovery – Paper is a bulky and expensive way to back-up records and is vulnerable to fire, flood, vandalism, theft and other unexpected tragedies.

Eliminate “Lost” paperwork and files – By having your files now stored automatically and following digital rules. Lost files are totally eliminated. You can even see who opened it last and what they did with the file.

Regulatory Compliance – Every industry and sector is faced with this challenge now. There isn’t a better way to meet these than have your document digital with a full audit trail on every action done while in the system

Increase you bottom line and improve cash flow – In most cases, we improve debt collection by half the documented time. We also assist you in meeting other payment incentives to your vendors and avoid late fees. Incr4eased employee productivity means more time for your core business.

Competitive Edge – With instant and automatic electronic distribution, the reduced time effect can be felt service, support, product information, customer service and more.

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