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Posted on January 15, 2013

Over the last few years, the market for color MFP’s (or copiers) has gotten very big.  One of the reasons being that price of color copiers has come down, there are more product choices, lower acquisition costs and per page maintenance costs along with  greater speed, and quality that competes with copy/print shops. And considering how much these output cost are less than traditional printers, it is easy to understand why about 90% of our products placed are color enabled.

Our copiers and printers offer control over color privileges, greatly enhancing your ability to track and/or enforce cost control.

To decide if color is the right choice for you, try to project your color output needs over the next few years.  Remember to include all color output from printers as well as any outsourced color printing and existing color copier products.  Very often there is an opportunity to save money by retiring or limiting printers while migrating printer color output to a larger multi-functional product since printer cost per color page output is generally higher.  Of course, you need to consider many issues when you balance a distributed vs. centralized approach to output.

While color is cheaper than it was, it isn’t free.  If your color volume is low and/or you work in an office environment where controlling color output costs is difficult, or your strategy for output calls for a monochrome “work horse” to drive your costs as low as possible, you should focus on monochrome devices.

Color Copier/Printer

The new generation

Our color and most of our monochrome MFP’s offer color scanning capabilities and color fax options, though these capabilities will come with higher price tags.

Once you have a working knowledge of your volume needs and how much of that is color or monochrome, you can then intelligently begin to decide what types of devices can serve that need. That is when we at WCC Business Solutions are very valuable as your partner.

WCC Business Solutions is by far not the biggest player in the market, but we have been here for over 36 years and work very hard to become the premier provider for the whole Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. You will not fit into a large corporate box program. You will fit into a program that works for you and into a company that has a client return rate unparalleled in the market.

We welcome you to contact us even if your contract is not up for a few years. Intelligent, free and professional consultation is a must in this economy. We can help return more of your bottom line to your company than your realize. Take us up on that challenge and see how we can help.

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