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Posted on February 7, 2018

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Increase Efficiency, Cut Costs and Increase Employee Satisfaction with DocuWare

We may be living in a tech savvy world, but too many businesses are still struggling with their document management.

58% of businesses today are still relying on paper documents for critical business processes. While painful to hear, this easily explains why, according to a McKinsey report, the average employee spends 1.8 hours every day searching for and gathering information. (That’s like hiring five employees but having only four show up for work because one is off searching for information all day, every day.)

It’s time to introduce a new level of productivity into your workplace and put an end to inefficient workflows once and for all.

That’s why we would like to introduce DocuWare and share with you three powerful ways that this document management platform can improve efficiency, increase employee satisfaction and increase your bottom line.

  1. Cut costs by digitizing paper documents

Paper may seem like a relatively inexpensive solution to document management, but it’s actually far costlier than you realize. You see, every department produces their own business-critical documentation and relying on paper-centric processes can significantly slow down performance.

Here are a few examples of just how costly it can be:

  • $700 for each document lost, $125 for each misfiled document
  • 70% of businesses risk failure from in the event of a catastrophic paper loss, such as might happen in a fire or flood
  • 98% of enterprise printers are at risk of hacking

Using DocuWare, you’re are able to cut costs by eliminating the need to purchase as much paper, toner, and other related items. You will be able to free up space in your office by throwing out those bulky filing cabinets once and for all.

You’ll also be saving employee resources, since digitizing your documents will reduce total process cycle times by 75% in departments like HR, accounts payable and legal.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, by relocating business-critical documents to the cloud, you’ll have better control over who can access different information, which means increased security for your business. Not to mention that it eliminates that risk of losing critical data in the event of a fire, flood or other catastrophic event.

  1. Automate workflows to increase employee productivity and satisfaction

Not only can DocuWare make your entire office more efficient, but it will also increase the overall happiness of your workforce since you’ll be able to eliminate many of the tedious and/or mindless tasks that are associated with specific roles.

Your HR team, for example, should be focused on strategies for attracting, onboarding and retaining employees. Not on manual data entry.

For HR, specifically, DocuWare automates the capture of employee records, HR files, business documents and other information into a single digital system, a one stop shop for your entire HR team. From there, they can move information through defined, automated processes, saving time and enabling the team to make clear decisions at every step.

And that’s just HR.

DocuWare can introduce new, efficient workflows into accounting, sales, and other areas of your business as well.

  1. Transform your team into a productivity powerhouse

This powerful document management solution empowers your organization to take advantage of all three phases of the content life cycle: content capture, workflow and delivery.

Content Capture

It integrates with Outlook and other applications to archive email, captures structured information through web forms, gathers digital documents, and connects with Ricoh and other multifunction devices, applying process rules to incoming scanned documents. And, since we recognize that today’s leaders work more from their mobile devices than ever before, you have the ability to capture documents and initiate processes while on the go.

Intelligence and Workflow Control

DocuWare provides intelligent indexing, where the software captures the most important keywords from your documents automatically, eliminating the need for manual filing. (Kiss the days of physical filing cabinets goodbye.) It also allows for data enrichment, where data from other applications in the system can be used to complete a document’s indexing. And, of course, it can be used to automate common workflows, removing the tedious, repetitive tasks that defocus your team. And that’s just naming a few of its intelligence and workflow control features.


Capturing and filing is half the battle, of course. Information has to be readily available and searchable.

Fortunately, with DocuWare, that isn’t a problem.

The system connects to critical systems like your ERP and CRM, allows for access from any web browser (including your mobile device), and provides robust search functionality based on both the visible content and underlying metadata.

Final Thoughts

While we understand that the idea of digitizing your documents and automating workflows can sound daunting and expensive, we would just like to ask one question: what is the cost of not taking that step?

If your employees are depending on paper to complete their business-critical tasks, then you’re already wasting valuable resources, with no end in sight. It’s time to stop. If nothing else, consider it an up-front investment to achieve long term savings.

And, fortunately, the process doesn’t have to be a painful one.

Our team is here to help you every step of the way so that it goes as smoothly as possible, from start to finish.

If you think you might be ready to take this step, or if you ever just want to see if your business is a good fit, then we would like to encourage you to contact us today. Our experts are standing by and ready to help.

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