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Posted on November 15, 2012

Meter Reader Counter

Part of your contract will probably include that we collect meter readings from your machine(s). For some, that is over the phone.  For others, we send them a fax.  For all, it takes time to go to the machine, print out the counter sheet and fax it back to us.

We use two technologies, @Remote and FM-Audit On Site.

FM-Audit is a server based service that runs in the background to monitor the health, toner consumption and meter reporting for your Multifunction Devices (printers, scanners, copiers, etc.).  @Remote is installed on the machine.

The services monitor the health of your machines, and reports any anomalies to us so we can take pro-active action and dispatch a tech to fix the problem, possibly eliminating and most certainly reducing your downtime.  The service will also notify us of the toner levels on your machine so that as your toner nears its end of life, or your change it, we can ship another out so that as you replace the dead toner a replacement arrives just in time.  The service will report its meter reading to us on your billing cycle.  This will eliminate the need to assign employees to manually go to the machine, print out a counter sheet and send it to us.

Over all, it provides you with areas a worry-free service for your machines.

The only prerequisite is that your machines is hooked to the network (able to reach the Internet) or you have a server or dedicated PC that we can setup the service..

Give us a call, we’ll check out your situation and see if you’re ready.