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Posted on December 5, 2018

Print & Document Management SolutionsAs technology has evolved, learning environments have grown to allow teachers and students to achieve more interactive and collaborative methods of education. But for larger learning institutions – especially those in higher education – it can be difficult to keep up with the rapid pace of digital advancement. That striving to keep up is a necessary task. High-tech learning environments have become an expectation and are needed to attract the highest level of both students and faculty. Here are the key benefits a streamlined document management system can have on your institution and on the future of learning.

Attracting a higher class of student

Students today grow up around technology as an integral component of their lives both in and out of the classroom. As a result, the reputation of a learning institution alone is no longer enough to attract the brightest minds of the future. Students today expect an engaging, interactive learning environment driven by the latest and greatest in technology. An integrated modern document management system helps make teaching spaces more streamlined, collaborative, and interactive for all who enter. From interactive whiteboards and easily accessible assignments to shareable test results and streamlined communication, technology has become something the world’s best students want and look for.

Save time for your administration

A large portion of time is devoted to traditional, manual record-keeping and other administrative work in even some of the highest learning organizations. Through the implementation of document management solutions, time spent performing administrative tasks is refocused in a more purposeful way. Your organization is able to streamline its admissions processes and record management while providing a boost in security and accessibility. Campus printing, mail service, admissions automation, and more all help refocus resources previously wasted on time-consuming clerical work so your faculty can concern itself with what really matters – its students.

Save money

The overall goal of a print management system in the world of education is to maximize learning while reducing cost. An infrastructure of cost-effective and efficient printers and copiers is a key step in making that happen. Printing without restrictions can be wasteful and damaging to your bottom line, especially when students are not cognizant of the cost of their printing jobs. Print management solutions provide accurate printing and charge-back processes so you can monitor and account for the printing of faculty, students, and guests alike. This also makes print jobs accessible from the best-suited location, eliminating the need to reprint due to errors or to a misplaced print destination.

Ensure total security

It’s not enough to just digitally store student records – you also have to do so in accordance with state and federal regulations. The right print and document management system will allow you to securely manage and archive student information and makes form completion and submission both easy and secure. Authentication technology ensures the right people are able to access the right information in the right places, and that everyone else is left out of the equation. For absolute security for your students and your staff, you need industry-leading managed IT services.

The WCC advantage

WCC Business Solutions understands the rapidly changing needs of the education landscape. We offer a complete line of solutions to help manage documents, workflow, and IT for learning institutions across the U.S. Contact us today to start taking advantage of our industry-leading technology and turn your learning environment into a desirable space for future leaders.

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