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Posted on August 22, 2019

        Customer service has always been the highest priority here at WCC Business Solutions. Part of ensuring that our customers are happy, is making any technology transitions as painless as possible. Keeping this in mind, we set out to streamline our installation process to ensure it is a smooth and easy transition for our customers.

Kyle Mowen shared in his employee spotlight that “Since we have implemented the pre-install process, installs have gone smoother than ever with no surprises. The customer response has been overwhelmingly positive.” Because the process of installing a new technology solution can be so stressful for customers, we wanted to walk you through our process and what makes us different.

Understanding the WCC Business Solutions Install Process

        With every new installation, the team reviews the sales Statement of Work (S.O.W.) with the selling representative for any information that may have been overlooked. Key information they are watching out for include:

  • Stairs that will have to be navigated
  • Parking / Unloading situation
  • Transferring info & configuration such as address book to new machine
  • Any new custom configuration
  • I.T. Infrastructure information
  • Contact personnel

        Next, we reach out to the customer’s I.T. contact and main contact to review and gather any additional information, plus determine if a pre-installation walk through will be necessary. If possible, we load the printer drivers remotely with our client’s permission. We also do much of the machine setup in house before delivering it to you. This includes many standard optimizations to the machine which we have mastered through years of experience with Ricoh and HP Machines, and any custom configuration such as address books, networking info, scanning, or even a customized start screen. Once configured and thoroughly looked over we arrive with your new copier/printer/scanner, plug in the power and network cable, and new copier/printer/scanner is ready for use.

Little to No Down Time

        Because of our pre-install process, customers typically experience little to no down-time. In fact, our customers continue printing as usual on their old equipment until the new equipment is ready to be plugged in for printing. This means customers typically experience no more than five or 10 minutes of downtime at most.

Moreover, we make sure you have the team you need to get the job done quickly. We normally have at least two people on-site with every install, and possibly more depending on the size of the job and if there are any obstacles.

You Have the Training and Support You Need

Technical Support Specialist “Nayid Zamora”  training with the client.

We do in-depth training that covers normal activities such as printing, scanning, and copying. We also cover how to load paper, troubleshoot common errors, and make sure employees know how to engage our Help Desk for additional training or support. The training is also a time where we can make any final adjustments and customizations you would like.

Most of our normal follow-up support is available at no additional charge. We also supply our customers with multiple ways to engage our support: phone support, remote support, on-site support, or on-panel demo videos for our newer model devices.  

What Makes Our Technology Installation Process Different?

        We own the process from the moment the contract is signed, through copier installation, and beyond. We don’t outsource to other third-party vendors the task of bringing the equipment to your office and setting it up. Our team will be there every step of the way so you have one source of contact and can feel secure that we know the process inside and out.  Our service and support are what sets us apart from our competitors. No third-party company can replace our passion for our customers.

Contact WCC Business Solutions to See How We Can Help Drive Your Business

        If your business is using outdated equipment, technology, or processes, we encourage you to contact a member of our team for a complimentary consultation. We have developed a reputation for being a company that always puts the needs of its customers first. This means you can rest assured that you are getting our honest assessment of your business.

Whether we are doing your initial evaluation, performing an installation, or servicing equipment, we make it our mission to provide excellent and individualized customer service 100% of the time. Contact us today at (727) 561-0033 for a risk-free assessment.

We hope to provide your next copier and show you our install process in action! Contact us for more information.