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Posted on August 26, 2019

Most businesses have printers with a large range of capabilities. Many can print huge quantities in a short amount of time, have accurate color-matching, and provide remote printing capabilities. But sometimes businesses need something more — the ability to create a huge impact.

You may have seen big, glossy posters hung up in store fronts, or a big banner showcasing an event. These types of large prints are all produced on specialty printers called wide-format printers.

What are wide-format printers?

Wide-format printers are specialized printers that can make large prints with the newest technology. They can print to widths of 18 to 44 inches, far beyond the capabilities of the average office printer.

Wide-format printers are also unique because of the wide variety of materials they can print on. They’re the go-to solution for large-scale, high-quality prints.

There are three main kinds of wide-format printers:

  • solvent – often used for outdoor prints because of its ability to adhere to non-absorbent materials; fade proof, water proof and scratch resistant
  • aqueous – typically offer the best image quality and are often used for art prints and canvases; high resolution and fast output
  • UV – able to print on many different kinds of materials; crisp, clean print results

In order to determine what wide-format printer is best for you, consider the print jobs that are most common for your business.

lamp post advertising banner printed on a wide format printer

What are wide-format printers ideal for?

Wide-format printers are ideal for creating marketing and promotional materials such as large posters, banners, and signs for your company. Wide-format printers are also common in businesses that require blueprints, maps, and commercial building plans. 

Wide-format printers are commonly seen in industries such as healthcare, education, engineering, banking and finance, construction, and many more. 

What features do wide-format printers include?

Even though wide-format printers are typically used to print larger pieces, they still have many of the same capabilities and technology of standard office printers. This includes scanning, copying, and remote printing. They have workflow software to help automate your business and make printing more efficient. 

If you’re looking for a wide-format printer that will produce perfect projects every time, contact WCC Business Solutions today. We will listen to your needs and help you find the printer that is best for you.