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Posted on February 20, 2019

Document Management SystemAs new technologies continue to permeate the way we do business, companies in every industry are being forced to adapt in order to keep up. New technologies are allowing for faster and more efficient communication while also boosting competition and forcing businesses to become more lean in their operations. With all of these factors at play, companies no longer can afford to not go paperless — or at least significantly reduce their reliance on paper. Here are the main reasons your organization should start working paperless strategies into its everyday processes.

Improved efficiency

Arguably the most critical reason that companies are going paperless is to remove the progress-impeding use of a physical paper trail. Reducing the amount of paper used in communications and everyday operations can drastically improve the operational efficiency of a company. Companies often still rely on paper for important documents such as contracts, negotiations,  and employee payroll. However, the process of managing these documents and keeping them filed in a usable and accessible way is tedious.

Team-wide wireless accessibility

It also becomes an arduous process to retrieve the documents you need in a timely manner. Paper files are often stored with a single person, making all other employees reliant on that individual to find the paperwork they need. This can slow down processes between your employees and customers and can also cause backlogs or confusion as you try to find the proper documents. Our sophisticated document management systems can integrate with technology throughout your office, allowing you to wirelessly transfer these documents internally and externally.

Utilizing a document management system that can automatically turn these important paper documents into accessible, electronic documents will significantly improve the everyday operations of your business.

Reduce operating costs

If improving the efficiency of your operations wasn’t reason enough, going paperless can also help to reduce your ongoing operating expenses. Employees are often caught in the trap of printing without thinking. Without a usable document management system in place, they’re inclined to print physical copies of important emails, customer information, and even procedures. Over time, these small print jobs can start to add up to a greater cost. By implementing an easy-to-use paperless system, your employees will feel more comfortable keeping digital records rather than paper copies, saving your business money in wasted ink, paper, and supplies. This can also reduce the amount of maintenance required for your office printer and copier — saving you additional money.

Uphold high security standards

Most businesses possess a large amount of sensitive and confidential data about their customers. When employees rely heavily on paper documents, this can jeopardize the security of your data. These documents are easily misplaced, lost, or brought home accidentally. It can also be difficult to remove prior employees’ access to confidential data when records are primarily on paper. Going paperless allows you to store your confidential and sensitive data in a way where it is securely backed up or permanently stored and allows you to take advantage of the latest in data security technology. Additionally, it’s significantly easier to remove prior employees’ access to this information once they have left the company.

Go paperless with WCC

Companies in a complete range of industries are rapidly realizing the benefits of going paperless. WCC Business Solutions has been helping companies make this leap to ensure their documents are securely protected and that their business is operating smoothly. Contact WCC Business Solutions to implement an efficient and cost-effective document management solution within your organization.

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