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Posted on July 26, 2012

WCC Business Solutions, with our total PrintSmarter solution, is dedicated to uncovering hidden costs and improving workflow processes. We pioneered the way with our exclusive and vendor independent print strategy by originating sustainable print management methodologies and developing best business practices to capture unknown savings in copy, print, fax and scan environments. With our solutions, back-end or business critical software is now integrated with your documents. Security, distribution, storage and retrieval of all types of documents is now faster, smarter, compliant. Our business model is to work collaboratively with key personnel to reach cost-effective agreements with no upfront fees or unseen risks down the line. End-user satisfaction, predictability of costs and reliability  is the result.

Solutions that improve processes and maximize efficiencies in any business’s print environment are vital and our PrintSmarter method is leading the way forward by easing the burden on IT departments and solving device utilization issues from department to department and person to person. Utilizing West Coast’s on-site team of experienced experts to support your key staff in the design and application of practical solutions to software that are customized and interoperable.

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WCC Business Solutions are the innovators in the Tampa and Tampa Bay area for managed print services with our PrintSmart and workflow solutions. We are the pioneers in the managed print and solutions industry. No other company has the inside track on how best to help you and your company recover hidden costs that can be returned to delivering the best customer service in your industry. The West Coast advantage of customizing service and solutions through our PrintSmart program for your unique challenges is at no risk or upfront costs.

West Coast is a leader in state-of-the-art document solutions and support. We have a strong reputation based on Integrity, Reliability, and Client Focus. We have partnered with several of the world’s foremost document imaging manufacturers to provide you with the best technology available


“To educate businesses how using Technology can optimize their Growth, Profitability and Visibility, while minimizing the Impact on the Environment.”


Our success is based on our ability to understand your needs and provide flexible solutions.

Using PrintSmart, we have successfully changed the way many companies have done business in document workflow and have improved internal workflows drastically.

Our print volume reduction programs for businesses of any industry, along with our Eco-friendly initiatives make us leaders in the community. Our PrintSmart professional consultants work day-in and day-out providing unparalleled service to the Tampa and Tampa Bay area. Because of our historical singular business focus on the document industry, we enable companies to work smarter, not harder.