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Posted on September 12, 2019

Every year, we invite area businesses to join us in learning about the many technology solutions we offer and how these solutions can streamline their processes and improve efficiencies. This year, we had approximately 75 people in attendance representing 27 local Tampa organizations.2019_


Because not everyone had the ability to join us that day, we wanted to share with you the vendors who were in attendance and the solutions offered.

Informa – Image Quest Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Document & Information management is important for an organization looking to achieve high performance, yet documents, file folders and spreadsheets can make this a challenge. ImageQuest allows you to increase productivity and reduce costs, ensure document integrity and security, improve collaboration and communication within your organization, ensure regulatory compliance and improve business agility.

PaperCut MF

Papercut is a print management system that allows administrators to create parameters for printer use. The software is designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. Using this system, you can put printing limits on users, gain accountability for printing to users and departments, let users pay-per print, and increase the ease of mobile printing and improve efficiency for users organization-wide.

Click here to learn more.

Ricoh Solutions

We featured a number of solutions specifically from Ricoh, including:

  • Web-to-Print: With web-to-print, it’s easy for customers do to business with you via the digital storefront and customized web-to-print or print eCommerce solution.
  • StreamLineNX v3.x: This software is designed to simplify document management tasks, including mobile administration, administration and reporting, MFP authentication and more. With this solution, you can simplify how your IT team monitors and manages devices to reduce costs and ease workloads. You can also authenticate users in order to track their activity, set print quotas and more, all while reducing your IT burden.
  • SI Cloud: With Ricoh’s cloud workflow solutions, your organization can realize its true digital productivity with no added IT or onsite software investments. Streamline workflows, simplify accounts payable processes, automate data entry and extraction and optimize document management… all in the cloud.
  • Clickable Paper: Clickable Paper is an interactive print solution that connects digital and print with cloud-based image recognition software. Take your audience on instant journeys from the printed page to blogs, websites, maps, photos videos and more. Transform your printed media into trackable analytics that you can actually monitor for click-throughs and campaign improvement.

If you would like to hear how one of these solutions could impact your own organization, we would encourage you to contact us at 800-223-4799.

As President Gordy Link shared in advance of the event, “WCC Business Solutions believes that the key to transforming the way a company works starts with harnessing the collective imagination of people. This idea, paired with our award-winning technology and services, is how we are breathing new life into established forms of knowledge-sharing – helping companies move beyond paper and beyond the office, so employees can collaborate like never before.”