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Posted on October 29, 2018

Man using laptop at desk in home officeTime and money are too often casualties of inefficient and inconvenient document management processes. To keep your business thriving, you need to implement a system that works for you and aligns with your goals to improve the way you operate. The RICOH Streamline NX v3 does this and more, simplifying device management, scanning, printing, and security, all from one easy-to-use interface. Here are four key ways the Streamline can reduce headaches and turn your organization into an efficiency juggernaut.

The Streamline Saves Time

The proactive, centralized interface of the Streamline saves time for your business in several impactful ways:

  • The system automatically alerts you when toner is low or when a device is due for service, helping you remain up and running by avoiding surprises and downtime.
  • You can view devices at a glance to check status and maintain smooth operation.
  • The unified management console of the Streamline allows everyone to access the same information in the same place, eliminating discrepancies and miscommunication.
  • The system’s mobile capabilities provide on-the-go functionality for administrators while intuitively rerouting jobs if a device is ever down.
  • The Streamline is designed to maximize efficiency and make quick work of your document management processes.

Through all this and more, you’ll find yourself saving a lot of time each month, which also means you’ll be saving a lot of money.

The Streamline Saves Money

A loss of productivity equals a loss of money for your business. The system’s ability to reduce downtime through proactive, automated alerts keeps more profit in your company’s pocket while also keeping your projects on track. You’re able to track all user activity across the interface and can even set print quotas to help your accounting staff better allocate costs and make use of chargebacks. Printing rules keep workers productive and help eliminate waste and unnecessary expenses, as well. Image improvement removes https://www.wccbs.com/products/color-multifunction-printerscopiers/graininess, straightens images, and removes three-hole punch marks to provide a detailed preview of the final document. This removes the need to reprint due to unexpected errors and saves money spent on unnecessary duplicate print jobs.

The Streamline Improves Security

The Streamline supports 15 built-in security roles and also allows for the creation of custom security roles, putting you in control of your system’s protection. Through authentication, users can access the Streamline with a network login, PIN code, or card, which is part of the Scan & Capture and Secure Print modules. Secure Print enables printing for mobile users and ensures the right people pick up the right documents – every time. The Secure Print also holds your print jobs on the server and keeps them there until you arrive and authenticate completion of the job. With no confidential data or passwords stored on the server, the Streamline is truly the best way to protect your business while optimizing performance of your secure document management.

The Streamline Improves Processes

There’s a reason this system is named Streamline. Its ability to improve processes and operations is second-to-none. It installs quickly along with all modules and capabilities and is just as easy to expand to meet any added needs of your business. There are more than 90 standard reports and more than 35 dashboard reports to provide analysis and help you make informed decisions on device placement, assignments, and more. The reports are automatically generated and emailed and customized to deliver usable insights for you. The system integrates seamlessly with your operations and lets you scan to either an email address, folder, desktop PC, cloud storage, or other destination. With the Streamline, the power of printing and document administration is entirely under your command.

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