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Posted on November 15, 2018

Health Care Document ManagementEfficiency in the healthcare industry is paramount to delivering high-quality patient care. In a sector that relies so heavily on documented data, streamlined communication processes must be utilized to ensure accurate and proper treatment. Here are some of the key ways a document management system can streamline your healthcare organization and help provide the best possible care for your patients.

Turn Documents Into Usable Data

In the healthcare industry, data changes hands between many different internal and external sources. Organizing all this data and using it to formulate quality care can be a massive, time-consuming undertaking. Files can also become lost or misplaced, resulting in grave repercussions toward patient health. A document management system provides an efficient and convenient exchange of information by providing centralized digital records accessible from anywhere. Rather than sorting through file cabinets and carrying a stack of folders from room to room, all information is accessible from the same digital interface, removing inaccuracies and time lost collecting data.

Secure Patient Information

Protecting your patients’ information isn’t just a critical aspect of healthcare – it’s required by law. A document management system keeps information secure and protects patient confidentiality. The system is designed to keep you compliant so you can spend less time worrying about the fine print and more time where it counts – delivering personalized, attentive care to your patients. A document management system is the ultimate combination of security and efficiency.

Optimize Communication

With so many separate entities working together to provide patient care, it’s essential that communication is clear, convenient, and timely. A document management system is designed to deliver smooth communication processes between doctors, patients, insurance companies, and other healthcare organizations to ensure collaboration is at an all-time high. It’s a better way to store, share, and receive patient records so you can take time lost to phone calls and emails and turn it into better healthcare. Equip your organization with tools to grow and stop making providing quality care harder than it should be.

Start providing better care with the Streamline NX v3

The RICOH Streamline NX v3 simplifies your device management, scanning, printing, and security, all from one intuitive interface. Here are some of the key ways the Streamline saves time, money, and lives for your organization:

  • The system automatically alerts you when toner is low or when a device is due for service, helping you remain up and running by avoiding surprises and downtime.
  • You can view devices at a glance to check status and maintain smooth operation.
  • The unified management console of the Streamline allows everyone to access the same information in the same place, eliminating discrepancies and miscommunication.
  • The system’s mobile capabilities provide on-the-go functionality for administrators while intuitively rerouting jobs if a device is ever down.
  • The Streamline is designed to maximize efficiency and make quick work of your document management processes.

The Streamline puts the entire power of document and data management within your command. 

WCC Business Solutions partners with healthcare organizations throughout the country to deliver technology that provides an operational advantage and achieves better patient care. On one occasion, WCC Business Solutions partnered with RICOH to help a mental health and addiction services organization in the southeast formulate a clear print strategy to protect document confidentiality and reduce costs throughout the organization’s expansive network of offices. The Streamline NX was installed to give the company the information it needed to implement new printing policies and curb unnecessary printing moving forward.

Contact WCC Business Solutions today to implement document management within your organization and start putting your patient data to use.

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