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Posted on September 28, 2018

Teresa FenderWe’ve spoken in the past about What Makes WCC Business Solutions Different, and as we said then, it’s undoubtedly the people within our organization. It’s for this reason that we believe it’s important to recognize our team members for their accomplishments and for their contribution within the business.

This month, we would like to do an Employee Spotlight on our Dispatcher, Teresa Fender.

Teresa just celebrated her fourth year with WCC Business solutions and is responsible for being the first point of contact with our customers.

What exactly is your role at WCC Business Solutions?

“I manage the dispatch of our field techs to make sure that each client gets the fastest response time to get the equipment back up and running. We guarantee a four-hour response time, but we average two hours and are really committed to getting them up and running as quickly as possible.”

“It’s also my job to make sure that our technicians are giving our customers the superior service they deserve with every call.”

With so many moving parts, how do you stay on top of everything?

“I have a few programs that help with this task: DataBlaze a GPS tracking software that I can track and reassign techs based on who is closest to a customer or who is available to be redirected to a location.  I also use our ERP system which tells me which machine needs service, how many calls each tech might have, and who is first available to move to a different location.”

Do you have any other responsibilities at WCC Business Solutions?

“In addition to dispatching technicians, I also monitor and order all the toners for each of our customers. The programs that are monitored for Toners are FM Audit, which sends a notice every four hours on which machine needs toners. It shows the remaining amount of toner, an estimated empty date, and the last time the toner was changed. I also get reports from Ricoh’s software on the machines, letting me know when there is 20-30% toner left in the machine.”

“It’s also my job to make sure our technicians in the field have the car stocked with parts to be able to fix a machine on the spot. While it doesn’t happen often, if the tech doesn’t have the part with them or if it isn’t in our warehouse, I am also responsible for placing an order for parts with the supplier to get the customer up and running within 24 hours.”

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, outside of work?

“I enjoy spending time with my family, and my husband and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary. When we aren’t out kayaking on the weekends, enjoying beautiful, sunny Florida, I’m working on my photography and taking pictures or bowling in a local league or tournament.”

There’s no doubt that Teresa is an integral part of our team, keeping our technicians on the go and operating at max efficiency and making sure our customers are receiving the best possible support. Thank you for all you do, Teresa!