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Posted on January 2, 2019

Scan to Cloud ServicesIf your business is still operating out of massive file cabinets and stacks of written documents, it’s time to take a step into the future. These manual outdated systems can have a negative impact on productivity and take away from time that could be devoted to more important tasks. This is the driving force behind the worldwide push to go paperless, not only to benefit the environment but also to benefit the efficiency of your organization. Here are the main ways scan-to-cloud technology with Microsoft Office 365 can streamline the way your business operates.

Reduced Time Spent Manually Entering Data

In traditional business settings, countless hours are lost on manually keying in data from files to a database. This tedious task takes precious time away from more important matters and lends itself to a high potential for human error. A scan-to-cloud solution clears up these issues, automatically recognizing documents and extracting the relevant information into Office 365 and the right channels for accounting, human resources, general file storage, and more. This helps you turn previously unstructured data into usable information. Stop manually keying over data into your digital platform and let the scan-to-cloud service do the work.

Intelligent Information Routing

In manual systems, data is often stored in multiple places, creating the possibility for the most current file to be confused or even lost over time. Within an automated scan-to-cloud system, everything is sent to the correct location, eliminating the possibility of duplication or lost files. Content is organized intuitively for easy access – no more clicking back and forth through several layers of folders to find your desired file. You’ll no longer need to scan files to your email and then resave them in the right folder. In a scan-to-cloud system, they’re scanned to the right location at step one and can even be saved in multiple locations within Office 365 if need be.

Don’t Switch Just to Switch

Switching from an ineffective manual process to an ineffective digital process misses the point entirely. Your office’s digital processes should speed things up, not cause problems and waste time. Ineffective digital processes can become more time-consuming for those who are not technically proficient and can lead to costly human errors. You need to switch to a digital system that is designed for the needs of your business and will improve the way you operate. An intelligent, automated document management system can help your business realize actual productivity without needing to invest in additional IT support or excess software or hardware.

Scan Smart from WCC Business Solutions

It’s time to boost your business’s efficiency and productivity with an automated scan-to-cloud solution. Scan Smart from WCC Business Solutions utilizes the latest hardware and software so your organization can benefit from cutting-edge digital document management, all integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365. Scan Smart offers security, flexibility, and reduced cost to accelerate your growth and improve the way your business operates day in and day out. Contact us today to start doing business the right way.

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