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Posted on January 17, 2019

Laptop and phone using digital fax services Despite the fact that it’s been around for longer than most modern communication methods, fax remains a popular and effective format of exchanging essential information securely and efficiently. Companies who need to transfer documentation in a confidential and convenient way rely on fax to streamline project timelines and reduce costs. However, traditional faxing systems are starting to fall short in these objectives due to the time consumption and error-proneness of paper-based processes. Here are some of the key ways an integrated and automated digital fax server can deliver the best of all worlds for your business.

Improve efficiency

In technologically lacking workplaces, employees can easily waste hours per day on unreliable and inefficient paper-based faxing. The time it takes to manually send a fax to the correct location, receive said fax, and then direct it to the proper channels can add up and result in lost productivity for your business. A digital fax server like RightFax can automate workflows and allow you to exchange information with minimal legwork.

Seamless integration

RightFax can also integrate with your email, desktop, document management systems, and more to provide you with instant access from any remote device. No more walking to the fax machine, manually entering a recipient, and waiting for a confirmation to deliver several minutes later. A digital fax server makes traditional communication methods a thing of the past.

Improve security

Important and confidential information is often exchanged via fax due to the high-security nature of the platform, but as systems have become outdated, that security and compliance has become a risk. RightFax servers ensure faxes are secure and compliant and offer reliable, efficient methods to relay documents both within and outside your organization. Such platforms help businesses protect sensitive information while still utilizing the efficiency and convenience of fax.

Accelerate your business

Given the outdated, inefficient, and costly shortcomings of traditional faxing, it has no place in the digital future of your company. You need a solution that aligns with your digital transformation strategy and that can accelerate the way you operate on a daily basis. A digital RightFax server provides a singular, centralized solution that consolidates all faxing operations into one location and that is designed to grow alongside your business. RightFax Analytics also drives decision-making and delivers insights into actionable trends that can help improve your business. An enterprise fax solution is the most efficient way to secure a better future for your company’s security, productivity, and profitability.

Faxing innovation from WCC Business Solutions

WCC Business Solutions partners with you to help your business grow through a personalized approach that eliminates inefficiencies, unneeded costs, and operational pain points. RightFax from OpenText provides an elite foundational platform for secure and streamlined faxing procedures across your organization. Contact us today for hands-on assistance in assembling a communication technology plan that will transition your business into the 21st century and beyond.

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